Most of the people are not well aware about the meaning of the word intimacy. Many people say that intimacy is a sexual or physical relationship. This is true to some extent. The actual meaning of intimacy is that it is a combination of physical activities and emotions. Marriage is a joint relationship between two people. It is a holy bond and blessing of God.

Couple intimacy is very important for a successful marriage life. Couple intimacy is a physical and emotional relationship between two people in order to joint in a blessed relationship. Today, lack of intimacy in marriage is very common. Among 5 couples 1 is facing this problem. With the passing of time the relationship becomes older and both the partners are used to see each other; therefore, there comes a time when there is loss of intimacy in marriage life. The 5 steps in this article are especially for couples facing loss of intimacy in marriage life.

1) Everyone is busy in his or her life. The fast developing world is making lives busier day by day. Reserve special time for your partner. Utilize it properly and spend it with your partner. Make a habit of sparing time especially for your partner and during the time, you just talk about yourselves. Do not discuss any common arguments like family issues or money crisis. This time is just for you and your partner. Give full time and attention to each other.

2) Communication skills help you to communicate easily with your partner. Learning new skills will help you to develop a good understanding level with your partner. Always listen to your partner attentively. Express yourself, your feelings and love. Also, listen to your partner first and then give your point of view. This makes them feel what his or her value is for you.

3) Being wild and horny all the time is not that good; this is something from which couples get bore very soon. Try to make soft love with your partner. Just kissing and hugging them daily would be also liked by them. Rub their hands while talking. Try to adopt such sweet things in your routines activities. It is not necessary to express your love by doing sex. You can also express your love and feelings just by sitting, talking and making romance.

4) Help your partner in his or her work. Doing small things for your partner show that you really care for him or her. Pressing clothes and helping in household chores is a good idea. Moreover, relax them in bed. This shows that you care a lot of your partner.

5) Romantic escapes are always very exciting and adventurous. Go out on weekends and spare time for holidays. Leave all your responsibilities behind and just think about having fun with each other, enjoy yourselves and give immense love and time to each other.

Give maximum love to your partner to improve intimacy in your married life. Be supportive, caring, understanding and helpful. Give your partner all your love and increase the level of intimacy in your blessed relationship of marriage.

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