Intimate couples are very hard to see. The reason for this is that almost all the couples in the present generation are in a great hurry to get on with life. This allows them hardly any time to spend with each other and this is the main reason for them not to have any intimacy. In spite of all these factors, there are some secrets that will help you to have an intimacy with your spouse.

These factors and secrets given here are only a guide for intimacy. Each of us have a special method of having an intimate relation with our spouse and that method will be the best. For those who do not have their own special intimate moments, creating intimate moments will help to increase the closeness and the bond shared with each other.

1. Spending time with each other:

Spending time with one another is the most important method of intimacy. The two of you should make sure that you set apart a time when you will be with each other in the day. This is the best method of making sure that you are close to each other. There are many men and women who think that they have no time to spend with each other. This is true especially after they have kids. You have to work and take care of the kids and have no time for each other. This should not be the criteria. If you have the will to spend time with each other, you will find time even in a very busy schedule.

2. Going on a holiday:

The two of you should make sure that you go out on a holiday away from everyone else. This might be a bit difficult for some, but you can send your kids on a camp where they have fun and use that time to go away on a retreat yourself. Make sure that you do not have a fixed schedule as you go on the tour. Instead take life as it comes and go to a place which is not frequented by many tourists.

3. Go out to eat once a month:

The two of you should make sure that you go out to eat at least once a month. This will help you to catch up on whatever you missed in the other person's life in the past few weeks.

4. Make sure you eat your meals together at least once a day:

This is what brings the whole family together and draws even couples who do not see eye to eye to see each other. All of us are busy and dinner may be the only time when we might get to meet each other and this should become a habit in the family that all of you meet each other and sit together to eat as a family. This should include the children too.

These are some of the simple methods of becoming intimate with each other. Implement this in your life and see how it makes wonders.

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