The online dating world might seem like an unfamiliar territory to a lot of singles because of its paradoxical offering: it may be able to give you your perfect soul mate or your worst candidate. Whatever the case online dating might have in store for you, it is always better to get ahead of the online dating challenge and determine the four types of men to avoid in online dating.

In the never-ending adventure of life, various lessons are available to be learned by singles all over the world. The game of love, in this case, is no exception to this - online dating, specifically, is to be included in this statement. Singles who use online dating are sure to encounter different lessons indeed.

As a single, would you prefer to learn your lesson through experience or through knowledge instead? Obviously, you'd choose knowledge as no one wants to have a broken heart by browsing through free online dating sites online.

Therefore, for you to learn your lesson in online dating the "soft" way, go ahead and heed the advice of this guide. Familiarize yourself with these guys and watch out for them during your online dating adventure:

1. Mr. Relationship Jumper

These men are typically those types of singles who value quantity over quality. More often than not, they choose free dating sites which lean towards the generic side so that they can have full access to everyone's profiles. They construct a 1-5 sentence introductory template that already includes their interest to meet up with you. These singles who lurk the free dating sites generally spell "heartbreak" all over them simply because they do not care about long-term and serious relationships, so it would do you well to avoid them.

2. Mr. Trust Faker

The men who fall under this category in online dating are the singles who post well-defined body structures all over their profiles - and yet, no picture of a face can be found. In online dating, being unable to see the face of your potential lifetime partner is greatly disconcerting. After all, consider this in offline dating, would you actually trust to be in a relationship with someone who has trouble showing you his real face?

3. Mr. Commitment Phobic

Social networking sites and generic dating sites are frequented by singles possessing this attribute. Generally speaking, these are consisted of young professionals who are being pressured to start a family to fulfill their parents' wish. These singles view online dating as an on-going hiring process; therefore, they may selectively respond to your messages but they may still not consider you as a serious long-term partner. In all actuality, these singles feel that no one is suitable to be considered their lifetime lover.

4. Mr. Almighty

Mr. Almighty isn't looking for singles to love him truthfully; he's just looking for singles to adore him fanatically! An indicator of Mr. Almighty can be found via messaging in free dating sites - notice his excessive use of the word "I". Once you've realized that the constant topic is how amazing, great and wonderful he is, put an end to the online dating conversation and move in as he is not an ideal online dating candidate for a lifetime partner.

Do yourself a favor and watch out for these guys while chatting up random singles during your quest for online dating. Free online dating sites are filled with these guys - you deserve better.

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