3D Animations have emerged as a new career field. The computer age has brought with it a lot of transformations and innovations on doing things and also brought new things to do. One of these new careers is the 3D animations. This is a way of creating computer images and characters that behave as if they were animate and live. Buildings, cars and even human beings can be animated and made to look real. 3D animations offer numerous career opportunities.

Experts in video game programming

The most common career of 3D animation experts in video game programming. Most video games employ 3D animation technology in their programming. A little computer programming knowledge on the part of the 3D expert will make a good game developer. He can as well forget about programming and just develop the animation for someone else. Video games with quality animations are sold at relatively higher prices.

Web designing also offers and excellent opportunity for 3D animation specialists. A lot of website content these days requires a lot of dynamic and animated images. The 3D expert can create animations for that can be sold to developers of such websites or develop the entire website if s/he has knowledge on website development.

3D modeling

An animation expert may also get into 3D modeling. Building designs, robot designs and molecular designs can all be modeled using 3D animations. These are likely done by people who have relevant scientific knowledge in addition to the animation knowledge and skills they may have. Such modeling can be used to study and demonstrate certain scientific facts to interested people.

Animated movies

Animated movies have also become the new trend. Movies for kids are mostly in animations and now some adult movies are also now being animated. Movie makers say that, animated movies cost very little money to produce as compared to movies acted by real human beings. But the challenge here is that, the animations have to be of the highest standard and as real as possible. 3D animation experts can therefore perfect their skills in order to take advantage of this field.

Freelancing options

A 3D animation expert can find employment with a company that needs his services. Such companies may include film producers, advertisers or graphic designers. Such jobs are highly paid with a lot of exposure and other benefits. Freelancing is another option for anyone with knowledge in 3D animation. You can work on projects requested by other people and get paid for it. Here, you do not work for any particular person, but work for anyone who may need your services and also meet your payment needs.

Own firm

Another working option is to setup your own firm and provide animation services to individuals and other firms. The difference between this and freelancing is that, here, you are properly set up and under some form of legal binding. You may hire other people whose skills you might need.

3D animation is not a difficult career to undertake. Now with software packages available to do the designs for you, it is even much easier. It is also a career that fetches a lot of income.

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