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Articles by praveena rao:
  • Fundas of Life ( 2920 reads)   

    Everyone says life is a piece of cake. The test is not to have the cake with you. Everyone has it. The test is how you eat it; how much goes inside, how much comes out... - Category: Self-Improvement
  • So What Next?? (Thoughts About Career Selection From an Engineering Student) ( 3425 reads)   

    We all face problems at the starting stage of our careers dont we?? We are torn between choosing what we want and what's necessary...and what to do once we do choose it? or was it really our choice? all chaos...this one's from an engineering student's point of view. - Category: Education
  • Sacrifice Not Noticed - Indian Army Soldiers ( 14240 reads)   

    How much do we respect our soldiers? How aware are we of their issues, their work? This article tells about the sacrifices made, the problems faced by the Indian Army..and how necessary it is for us to acknowledge them. - Category: Issues

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