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  • Learning About Forward and Futures Contracts ( 3652 reads)   

    One will notice that most multinational corporations are investing in the forex. These agreements state that companies can buy or sell a given amount of foreign currency at a specified exchange rate at some future date. - Category: Finance
  • How to Become a Successful Trader ( 2672 reads)   

    Traders in the forex who are new to the game try their best to learn all about technical analysis. Trying to use whatever indicator they can find this is what these new traders do. - Category: Careers
  • Worrying About Your Retirement? ( 3722 reads)   

    Dollar decline is not that an impact to Americans because dollar today is used by many nations especially Asians as the standard currency to know the real value of their respective currencies. This just implies that the materials or products that we import from them haven't increased in price. - Category: Finance

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