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  • Technological Improvements in Hearing Aids Help the Hearing Impaired ( 2420 reads)   

    Did you happen to hear the Canadian geese as they flew over you? While they fly overhead, do you lift your head up to see them make their way through the final days of summer? - Category: Health
  • Electric Equipment and Hearing Assessments ( 1785 reads)   

    For one local audiologist, as more people who are hard of hearing continue to see hearing aids as the cure to their problems, more of these things will find themselves in dresser drawers. An aid is not like a pair of glasses, in which a lens prescription corrects vision defects. - Category: Health
  • Realizing the Solutions to Various Dental Health Concerns ( 2240 reads)   

    As the fight against dental problem grows, this nations' dentists have come up with massive weapons and strategies to act on it. And in the Pee Dee, one of the most triumphant stratagems is taking place. - Category: Health

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