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Author: anuj sharma1

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About Me: Post graduate with experience in management, education and writing with tremendous ability to analyse and comment on political, social, educational and developmental conditions of India.

Articles by anuj sharma1:
  • Redefine Secularism ( 2724 reads)   

    India is a secular country but secularism has become a tool in the hands of political parties and leaders to secure votes of minority communities, specially Muslims, without doing anything tangible for this community. Sheer lip service in name of secularism has harmed interests of the community as only emotional issues not the real problems are addressed by those who seek Muslim votes. - Category: Politics
  • Post Presidential Election Scenario For Election 2014 ( 3510 reads)   

    After presidential elections in India lot of new possibilities will emerge for regional parties if none of two national parties succeeds chances for Nitish Kumar of JDU will be brighter for top post. - Category: Politics

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