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Author: Vivian Medina

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City: Miami | State: FL

About Me: I am a school teacher and would like to share my observations about what is happening in our public schools today.

Articles by Vivian Medina:
  • Ethics in Education ( 2936 reads)   

    How do we instill the ethics of our society into our children? What role do teachers play? - Category: Education
  • The Pantheon of School Boards Imitating Life? ( 2894 reads)   

    How school boards and those who hold office are wearing away at the very foundations of our democracy. - Category: Education
  • What is Really Wrong with Public Education ( 2246 reads)   

    The real problems in education do not lie in the teachers, but in the people who hold power over the teachers. We should hold those in administrations accountable for the progress in a school or lack thereof, just as we should hold school boards and states responsible for planning or lack thereof. - Category: Education

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