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  • Tips For a First Time Visitor to India. ( 4703 reads)   

    From; dressing for the heat, avoiding scams, to what to see and where to go, don't make my same mistakes! Read what I have to say instead, to make your Indian holiday safe, comfortable and enjoyable. - Category: Travel
  • An Explanation (and Translation) of Indian Food. ( 3832 reads)   

    While travelling in India, it's nice to understand the name of what you are actually eating! In this article the names of common Indian food and ingredients are all listed and translated. - Category: Travel
  • Tips For Women Travelling in India ( 3239 reads)   

    I am a woman and have been living in India for months now. Don't make the same mistakes I did, learn from me! :) - Category: Travel
  • An Introduction to the Taj Mahal. ( 4210 reads)   

    An introduction to the history of the Taj Mahal. How was it built? How many years did it take? How many people were involved in building the Taj? - Category: Travel
  • An Insight Into Indian Customs and Etiquette For First Time Visitors. ( 3621 reads)   

    An insight into the customs and etiquette of Indian culture. If you should make any etiquette faux-pas while visiting India, the Indian people will immediately forgive you as they understand that you are not familiar with these customs. However, its always a good idea to learn and understand some of them, and this will be highly appreciated by the local people in India! - Category: Travel
  • My Life as an English Girl Living in India ( 4964 reads)   

    The story of an English girl living abroad, in India. I have been living in India on-and-off for almost three years now, usually for trips of around 2 - 6 months at a time. Why? I am working here as a travel agent, but also my boyfriend is Indian. That's always the story right? Ha ha. Girl meets boy basically! - Category: Travel
  • My Favourite Places to Go in India ( 3024 reads)   

    Contains my favourite places to go in India and what I thought about them! I have only explored North India and would love to venture further south - but that's a plan for the future! For now, I'll tell you a little about some of my best experiences in India. - Category: Travel

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