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Author: Stephanie Kjaerbaek

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City: Kelowna | State: BC

About Me: Hi, I am interested in submitting poems and articles online.

Articles by Stephanie Kjaerbaek:
  • Life Experiences - Physical Harassment in the Workplace ( 2632 reads)   

    This is a story based on what once happened at a local coffee shop, where I worked briefly for two months as a busser-dishwasher on the weekend. In my mid-thirties, these people in their twenties and teenagers seduced guy who worked as a pastry chef. I saw him when I came in for an interview, after the supervisor left several messages for me. - Category: NoAd
  • Abunai - A Short Story Collection ( 1919 reads)   

    A series of stories on Abunai. - Category: Others
  • From Journals -- Michelle | Life and the past ( 3605 reads)   

    Excerpt from Journals - Canada is at risk of becoming an mysoginistic country, with high rates of domestic violence, infidelity, sexual harassment, criminal harassment, anti-abortion protesters, and men offended by women who want to work outside the home. - Category: Writing
  • Austin and the Swede ( 3453 reads)   

    A short story about a Swede and a preacherman, and their little conversation. - Category: Writing
  • Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace ( 3712 reads)   

    This article pertains to harassment and discrimination in the workplace and outlines my own experience with one of two situations. - Category: Management

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