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Author: Siddhartha Suripunj

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About Me: Software Engineer by profession.Writing is hobby and way of announcing that I am alive.

Articles by Siddhartha Suripunj:
  • Referendum on AFSPA in Kashmir ( 3406 reads)   

    Political taboo - We all know it by heart that Kashmir is an integral part of India, thanks to the repeated reminders by our different political parties- new, old, secular, communal and other. But what is beyond that? - Category: NoAd
  • Dilution of Rule of Law ( 3545 reads)   

    When people lose faith in rule of law they evolve their own method to sustain and grow. If the govt. itself fails to deliver what it has promised in its own passed legislation, least can be expected from other section of the society. Not getting legitimate response from the authority People then learn to manipulate and twist to achieve their major or minor goal. - Category: Politics
  • Indian Democracy and Its Stake Holder ( 2827 reads)   

    When, we People of India, delivered our self the Constitution of India,we had not imagined that sixty five years later we would be suddenly in shocking doubt,asking our self whether we really are democracy?Or the the 15 August 1947 which have been celebrating as Independence day was actually the day on which mere the Power to rule has been transferred between angrez, and Congress and alike - Category: Politics

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