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Author: Shirley C

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City: Toronto | State: Ontario

About Me: Currently a student of Improv and Sketch Comedy Writing at Second City - Freelance writing courses and 1st year English at U of T fueled the desire to continue in the comedy genre - but it's all about writing from the heart

Articles by Shirley C:
  • Om is Where the Heart Is ( 8044 reads)   

    Music has the ability to act as a transporter to other plains of existence - just listen... - Category: Nature
  • My Mother and Michael Jackson's Funeral ( 8763 reads)   

    what the live feed comments from MJ's funeral taught me about being kinder to my mother - Category: Relationships
  • Recipe For a Bad Day ( 2539 reads)   

    Ever wonder what would happen if you pieced your day (maybe even your life) together like a recipe with carefully chosen ingredients? - making it bitter or sweet or something in between. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • My Other Mother is a Porsche ( 2622 reads)   

    A little insight into love, life and mothers. A lot of us can relate to dealing with the hot-tempered mother who is very opinionated, extremely nosy and puts her 2 cents into every conversation or life situation. These types of mothers are not necessarily European, but most will be. Here are a few tips to smooth over the most volatile of relationships and ensure that most of your visits with her will not end in tears. - Category: Relationships

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