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Author: Scott Fisher

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About Me: I have a few publised articles with, but it has been a whil since I submitted. Now I'm back in the saddle and ready to write. Thanks for your support. Scott

Articles by Scott Fisher:
  • How Much is Enough? ( 1864 reads)   

    Ridiculous money has made sports a sad joke. To put things in perspective, the President of the United States makes about $400,000 per year. His job is a bit more important than hitting a baseball one time out of three or catching a football 75 times. - Category: Sports
  • Mile High Musings ( 1726 reads)   

    Intended as a Sports Blog for Denver Sports Fans - Category: Sports
  • Life Outside the White Lines ( 1962 reads)   

    A follow up on my previous article 'Outside The White Lines' with some answers - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Best Friend - My Ex-Wife ( 4115 reads)   

    My ex-wife is my best that weird? - Category: Relationships

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