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Author: Padmavati Madipalli

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About Me: I am a girl with lots of thoughts and dreams which may or may not be in sync with everyone around me. But they are my own and that is what makes me realize of my existence

Articles by Padmavati Madipalli:
  • Condition of Villages in India ( 3497 reads)   

    People talk about many problems which are not helping India develop. People say it is the rising population, food security, poverty. But I say its just a simple change in the attitude. The state in which we are completely depends on what our attitude is and nothing else is to be blamed for that. - Category: Issues
  • Indian Youth: An Asset? ( 3617 reads)   

    The proudly boasted Indian youth who seems to be an asset. Lets try to look at the other picture as well. What this Indian youth is actually being utilized for? What happens to the Indian youth when they choose their career. - Category: Careers

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