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Author: Mathew Nwokwu

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About Me: Mathew Nwokwu is a prolific writer and a reader who loves to network with people of like minds.

Articles by Mathew Nwokwu:
  • Equal Development in Nigeria (Part II) ( 3077 reads)   

    It deals with the need for even development in Nigeria. This article seeks to add value to the original texts of Part I. - Category: Politics
  • Youth Migration in Nigeria (Part I) ( 2822 reads)   

    This article seeks to highlight the need to protect states' slogan and identity in Nigeria and to encourage even development in the Nigerian scheme of things. Discrimination in any form should be discouraged. The South East Region should have access to social amenities and finally, the people of Ezza and Izzi in Abakaliki should be given urgent assistance to discourage rural-urban drift in Nigeria - Category: Politics
  • The Urgent Need For Government Intervention in Ebonyi State, Nigeria ( 4255 reads)   

    The urgent need for government intervention in Ebonyi State is all about this article. There are 36 states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which make up the Federal republic of Nigeria as one of the independent countries of the world. Each state has adopted a distinctive slogan which distinguishes or which is presupposed to make it different from others; those slogans are what I can call state's ideological idiosyncrasies. The accessibility of 'Executive Presence' in any state to implement state policies that drive and synchronize with state's slogan, therefore, call for this article which uses Benue and Ebonyi state as a benchmark. - Category: Others

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