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Author: Mariami Ghreuli

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City: Tbilisi | State: Republic of Georgia

About Me: I study Psychology at Tbilisi State University and I'm in love with my future profession

Articles by Mariami Ghreuli:
  • The Importance of Questioning Authority ( 2774 reads)   

    here you can read why is it important to question what authorities appeal us to do. - Category: Others
  • Deficit Or Conformism? ( 2727 reads)   

    Here you can read about deficit and conformism influences and my opinion about their changing influences within certain and uncertain situation. - Category: Others
  • Techniques of Making Concessions ( 2597 reads)   

    Comparing two techniques which make people compromise. Making concessions help people to keep in touch with other people. Nobody wants to spend time with someone who never makes concessions. - Category: Others
  • Why Should a Motivation Letter Does Not Exist ( 1895 reads)   

    There you can read my opinion about motivation letters. There are several psychological aspects of motivation letter and reasons why they mislead an employer to make a right choice about hiring an applicant. - Category: Others
  • Altruism or Prosocial Behavior? ( 3049 reads)   

    Here you can see my opinion about altruism: does it exist by itself or is it the same as prosocial behavior. - Category: Others

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