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Author: Madhulika Sahoo

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City: Bhubaneswar | State: Odisha

About Me: I am a Researcher based in Odisha, graduated from from University of East London in Anthropology & Refugee studies. My area of interest includes displacement, tribal rights, resettlement & rehabilitation, refugee, forced migration, for

Articles by Madhulika Sahoo:
  • The Transit Phase From Nomadic to Settled Life ( 5750 reads)   

    Mankedia is one of the most primitive tribal group of Odisha. This article describes the transit phase from nomadic to settled life of the Mankedias - Category: Issues
  • Recognition of Customary Land Rights of the Tribals in India ( 3726 reads)   

    The Government in recent time has failed to recognize the customary land rights of the tribals under the Forest Right Act and Indigenous People's Rights Act, which is long pending historical injustice to the tribals. The issue is not only restricted to India, it has widely experienced in other developing countries. The article has tried to explore some of the major cause and its consequences. - Category: Issues
  • A Day at Gonasika, Keonjhar, Odisha ( 3419 reads)   

    The push up different community people to the Gonasika, has brought changes in Juang tribes rituals and practices. The article has explored the age old history of the place, people and practices. - Category: Travel
  • Where do we Stand in the Field of Education? (India) ( 3601 reads)   

    India in its 65 years of independence talked about the number of changes in the field of education, the question is how far it has succeed in educating the tribals? It is not the question that they are traditionally weaker section and therefore we have reservation for them. Are the schools and colleges in tribals pockets encouraging the tribal youths? This article has explored some of these questions. - Category: Education
  • Relocation is Not Our Fate, Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Part-3 ( 2968 reads)   

    This is the last part of the article, the profundity of the displacement was clearly visible amongst the tribals of Simlipal. The sense of belonging always long them to go back to their place of origin. I am hoping the readers will get to feel the tribals scars of displacement through this article. - Category: Issues
  • Relocation is Not Our Fate, Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Part-2 ( 2848 reads)   

    This 2nd article provides information on tribals inside Simlipal Tiger Reserve; primarily the Kharia (Savara), Brihor (Mankirdia), Bathudis and Kolho tribes. The myths indicates that the Khaira and another community namely, Puran were the autochthons (natives) of Mayurbhanj. The Kharias trace their origin from a pea-fowl's egg. They assert that the Bhanj royal family of Mayurbhanj came out from the yolk, the Purans from the white and the Kharis from the shell of the Pea-fowls egg.. - Category: Issues
  • Relocation is Not Our Fate, Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Part-1 ( 3418 reads)   

    This article depicts the plight of primitive tribals of core area villages inside Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Odisha, India. One of the significant feature about these villagers are self sustainable though with less or no basic facilities of health, education and communication. All is required is rights over their traditional forest and land. Due to length of article it has been divided into 4 parts parts. - Category: Issues
  • This Mountain is Our Home : Keonjhar, Odisha ( 3179 reads)   

    This article is written after my visit to a primitive tribal place in Keonjhar, Odisha. The visit was short but meaningful, where I reveled the traditional exploitation of Juang's tribes due to land alienation and no rights over their traditional forest areas. I have tried to express my feelings about the place and people in this article. - Category: Travel

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