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Author: Kyle Keniston

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  • What is the Greatest Martial Arts Style to Master? ( 3349 reads)   

    Should you happen to be serious about joining a martial arts class, one of the first things you will need to determine is which martial art style you would prefer to study. There are loads of fantastic martial arts styles to select from, and deciding which one to learn can be a daunting decision. This report talks about the more widely-known martial arts styles available, which may help you discover the martial art system that fits you most. - Category: Sports
  • What Ended the Old School Martial Arts? ( 2252 reads)   

    When maturing throughout the 80's, I grew to love all of the mystery of the conventional martial arts. At present, more focus is gifted to the mixed martial arts and ground combat, but, have we lost touch of the fundamental ideals taught together with the classic martial arts? Is taking off your shoes and bowing to your instructor finished? - Category: Others

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