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Author: Karl Hartley

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City: Ogden | State: UT

About Me: Karl Hartley has been assisting home buyers find their ideal homes at the best value for many years now. He also specializes in short sale transactions.

Articles by Karl Hartley:
  • The Essence of Timing in a Short Sale Transaction ( 2230 reads)   

    Timing and duration are two essential factors to consider when entering a short sale purchase agreement for any house - whether you're selling your home through a short sale or buying one under these terms. Short sales can turn into a bloody process if you are not aware of what you're getting into. Know the ins and outs and why you should work with a specialist to successfully execute a favorable short sale deal. - Category: Finance
  • The Home Buyer Mindset - What Every Seller Should Know ( 2616 reads)   

    If you are selling a home, it is important to understand the mindset of the home buyer. Knowing what a buyer thinks and looks for will greatly increase your chances of selling your home fast and easy! - Category: Others

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