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Author: Dr. Riad Mr. Hussein Abu Saeeda Abu Saeeda

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About Me: Republic of Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research University of Kufa Faculty of Law and Political Science

Articles by Dr. Riad Mr. Hussein Abu Saeeda Abu Saeeda:
  • Ensure Harm to the Client in Electronic Banking ( 5154 reads)   

    There is no doubt that the evolution of the right banking emergence and spread of electronic banking is widely was accompanied by a number of legal problems arising from the deal for this type of banks. As these banks are based on mechanisms differ materially from those upon which the banks in the traditional sense .... - Category: Education
  • Civil Law in Human's Life ( 5181 reads)   

    After that labored jurisprudence and the judiciary to draw perspective legislator to this lack legislative coverage problem injustice to all contracts netting and not restricted to sales, which narrows the scope, was to understand a big role in trying to find the foundations underlying the judiciary in its provisions and to demand that the legislature blocked this Legislative shortage. The legisl - Category: Education

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