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  • As Hearing Aids Advance, the Numbers of People Needing Them Rise ( 2212 reads)   

    It was over 50 years ago in the midst of a western movie being filmed that a well-known actor was affected by hearing loss when a gun incidentally went off near his ears. Even as this specific actor came to be one of the US presidents, which is a very high profile job - he would become known for wearing several hearing aids; one was meant to fix hearing loss while the other was made for equalizing audio feed. - Category: Health
  • Deaf People Can Now Enjoy FavoriteTV Shows With Closed Captions ( 3534 reads)   

    Many Americans alive today can't remember a time when your primary source of entertainment wasn't the TV, which supplies a steady stream of shows, movies and news right to your home; though for millions of Americans, that entertainment option has been nothing more than one long pantomime. In the year 1985, 9 percent (21.2 million people) of the American population suffered from profound hearing loss, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. - Category: Entertainment
  • Out of the 30 Instruments He Has Collected ( 2051 reads)   

    One hearing aid expert has developed a collection of hearing aids, that utilize the technological improvements of the past fifty years, as well as the enhancements in providing the most comfortable hearing aids possible. This certain expert considers hearing aids to be both a hobby and a business venture. - Category: Health

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