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Author: Adoksh Shastry

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About Me: An avid writer of fiction, currently working on a full fledged publication Novel. A student of Law. Interests include, automobiles, history, motorcycles, fiction and law.

Articles by Adoksh Shastry:
  • Alienation of Land in Developing Countries:Introduction ( PART 1 of 3) ( 3259 reads)   

    Land is a very valuable and scarce resource. People need land to grow food, to build cities, for investments as well as for housing. Therefore, access to land, rights over land, the management and administration of land and the settling of land conflicts are very important for human kind.The paper is presented in 3 Parts. Part 1-Intro Part 2-Land Tenure Part 3-Country wise Case Study Part 4-India - Category: Issues
  • Government of India Act of 1915 - Consolidating the existing statues ( 3120 reads)   

    Between the advent of the Government of India Acts of 1909 and 1919, in 1915 the British Parliament passed the Government of India Act of 1915, an Act meant for consolidating the existing statues relating to the Government of India. This article gives an overview of the entire act, its provisions and its importance in the historical background gripping the Republic of India. - Category: Education

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