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Women Ate High Sugar Foods Will Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

BY: Ansen Wilson | Category: Health | Submitted: 2010-04-16 21:03:16
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Article Summary: "Italian researchers found that,women intake of high carbohydrate foods may increase the risk of heart disease..."

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Italian researchers found that,women intake of high carbohydrate foods may increase the risk of heart disease.

The team of researchers did a research about diet with 15171 male and 32578 female,and based on it to develop the research. The result of research was published on one American monthly magazine "Medicine Literature".

Researchers found that,intake of foods rich in carbohydrates will lead to elevated blood glucose and triglyceride levels and reduced high density lipo-protein levels,thus increasing the risk of heart disease.

The authors concluded: "Thus, a high consumption of carbohydrates from high-glycaemic index foods, rather than the overall quantity of carbohydrates consumed, appears to influence the risk of developing coronary heart disease."

In addition to carbohydrate intake,the researchers also used two indicators to measure the impact of food intake on blood glucose glycerin index and glycerin load in the research.

Survey, intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other low glycemic index food, causing blood sugar and triglyceride levels changed little. Intake of white bread, dessert, sweet wheat porridge and other high glycemic index foods cause blood sugar and triglyceride levels in more. The maximum food intake of glycemic load of women's risk of heart disease is the lowest food intake of glycemic load was 2.24 times that of women.

But the researcher said that,the impact of carbohydrate intake,food intake on blood glucose glycemic index and glycemic load just applicable to female,but male.

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