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Why Hunting as a Sport Should Be Banned

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Entertainment | Submitted: 2010-06-30 06:15:27
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Article Summary: "Hunting is permissible if someone hunts for food in certain countries, but most countries have banned hunting as a sport. Read more about this..."

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In forest life, hunting is the act of prolonging your race. To any species in the world, hunting is an everyday activity. It is the nature of life and nobody can deny this simple statement. As human life has undergone millennia worth of improvement, there is no longer any need for each and every one of us to hunt personally for food as the job has been combined into the economy of man since its popularization by Adam Smith. Herding, farming and raring of livestock keeps us alive from then on and now there is a need to ban this act that used to be a way of life and a sport because of several apparent reasons.

Why do we hunt? As stated earlier, we hunt for a living; we hunt for food but making hunting as a sport seems like a rich men's hobby. It is that of luxurious activity as to do hunting as a sport, it has to be done on a grand scale with many competitors competing for trophies. Making hunting as a sport is ridiculous as it branches away from the original reason of hunting itself where in sports, competitors do not hunt for food but hunt for trophies by severing the animal's head, preserve them and hang them for pride in collections. Pride is one of the seven sins of men.

The word collections do hit the wrong button in the heart of wildlife enthusiasts because when hunting for trophies for collections, it is just the same as what poachers do. Poachers however hunt for animal body parts to sell which is a little bit nobler(if at all) than those sports hunter who only hunt for heads even though both are considered as sinners. Sports hunters only need the animal heads and the rest of the body to be thrown away.

As a sport, hunting is misrecognized when it is done for paid pleasure and recreation because to enter a competition one has to pay fees. Though humans long ago did hunt for food, they also do it in their spare time but still hunting only for the sake of recreation and pleasure is a big mismatch in the jigsaw puzzle of life. Using hunting as a sport can also create hazards to the wildlife and the life of the hunter too as there are many things that can go wrong due to human error.

It is human error of greed where there is no selection of the animals, sports hunter just shoot any target be it animals in their premature state or 'ripened' age. Young animals should not be included in the target lists in order to preserve the offspring of the wild life and ecosystem, even if one does hunt. It is natural for hunter to let go or avoid hunting young animals for this sole purpose but sports hunter might target young animals because they are the easiest target and also yield points though in little amount but are still counted.

Seriously, hunting as sport should be banned not only for the sake of preserving the wild life and ecosystem but also for the sake of protecting the moral code of hunting because hunting should be done as a means to procure foods not for the sake of pleasure.

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Hunting as a sports should be banned ,thearticle rightly says so as hunting is the sport of liesure of rich people . After all hunting must be banned as if it is allowed then lots of innocent animals will die due to the greed of man. Amlandeep Bhattacharya 2011-03-05 14:17:41 648
The article ignores the main reason why hunting is an essential part of wildlife management & misstates several facts. The 1500 character limit does not permit a full discussion of all points, but:rnrn1) The 2 main ways humans negatively influence wildlife populations are urban sprawl and and road kill.rnrnWith urban sprawl, many prey species have adapted to urban areas, but not predator species. Prey species populations are up & have an economic cost to farmers & also a humanitarian cost from road traffic accidents.rnrnFor this reason, hunting is an important tool to manage wildlife numbers.rnrn2) Among reasons why hunters hunt, one is food. Some hunters do hunt with the goal of shooting a trophy, but ALL ethical hunters, including trophy hunters, do make full use of the animals they hunt.rnrn3) Rather than being justifiable, the selling of game is, in most areas, illegal! rnrnSomeone whose interest is purely economic will be tempted to shoot as many animals a possible. A hunter rnwho has one tag, regardless whether he is hunting for a trophy or not, is far more likely to be selective.rnrnB.T.W. for most species, the best trophies are on mature animals, past their prime and destined to die of old age within a season or two anyway. rnrnFor those who do not hunt & know little about it, hunting can be an emotional issue. Setting emotions aside, hunting is important to managing wildlife. Erik 2011-03-31 02:52:27 711
I think all the little minds that are trying to impress with what they believe to be impressive jargon are forgetting the real issue. Torturing animals is wrong. Plain and simple. There is no excuse no matter how much you try to make excuses. Torture is simply barbaric in any form. if you do not believe it is torture then I believe you should be placed in the woods and hunted down by a make believe "sportsman" and shot and then butchered. You are an animal, I am an animal and there is no difference simply because they may not possess the same intelligence we do. Our intelligence is what makes hunting so wrong. We know better and that is precisely why hunters become so irrationally upset when confronted. Dorothy 2011-09-14 11:56:55 924
i dont mean to be blunt here... but you are an idiot. strait up dumb. first of all have you ever been hunting?? "rich man's sport??" ya i would like to see you out there dirty and freezing for weeks strait.... then you tell me what you think... ya also we eat the whole animal, it tastes good, i dont know of any hunter who wastes all this meat, except for all those vegan hunters... there are soo many of them... and did you know that literally 90% of all your animal conservation funds comes from hunters, the other 10% comes from taxes, (not including taxes on guns, etc) and other money from your little hippy groups, like peta. so without us, your little forests will fail, and overpopulate and bambi will die of starvation instead of being useful on my dinner plate next to the steak sauce and potatoes. --Tyler D---AMERICA tyler d 2011-10-12 22:17:12 962
I think all the people who think hunting should be banned as a sport are idiots. I mean, if hunting we banned, animals would over populate. Also, it is NOT animal abbuse. Those animls are wild. No one owns them. Plus, there are lot's of animals in the world. So all in all, I tink hunting should NOT be banned as a sport. Rachel S. 2012-04-29 12:47:53 1245
I think hunting should NOT be banned as a sport. Also, you people who think it should be banned, your all idiots. I mean, if we banned hunting, the animals wuld over populate and they soon would go into the cities and neighborhoods and kill children, pets, etc. So you people are pretty much saying you ant kids to die from these animals. So i think hunting should be a sport. Also, if we banned it, we would not have ANY meat to eat. Then we would all be vegans. That would not be yummy. So, all you people who think it should be banned, you guys are idiots and morans. All in all, it should NOT be banned as a sport. Rachel Stephens - Author 2012-04-29 13:03:40 1246
ok. I was harsh. They are not idiots. Very sorry. It's just meat is good for us and hunting brings us meat. It also keeps the population undercontrol. So when the animals don't have ennough room for them in the forest, the will go to cities going into neighborhoods and they might kill children, pets, etc. My appologies for being mean. Rachel Stephens - Author 2012-05-06 16:35:41 1273
hunting is fun people do it as a sport but they don't leve or throught out the body huntin is challeging it tests people endurance and skill ect hunter 2012-05-07 09:36:22 1275
hunting is fun the endurance is chalengeing and we don't alwas succed and we keep the whole deer and it is not a rich man sport we walk five miles each hunt and we keep from leeting game over run the streets hunter ash 2012-05-07 09:52:07 1276
Now I believe both sides of the issue are right. Hunting is necessary in order to limit the population but that is what predators are for, and when there are limited prey, the predators will most likely either die off. That states the lotka volterra equation. Nick 2012-09-11 19:10:12 1491

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