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Why Do Women Love Bad Boys.

BY: Catherine Melling | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-06-29 08:22:12
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Article Summary: "'Treat them mean, keep them keen.' A brief article discussing why women seem to fall into bad boy traps time and time again..."

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It starts off in school, the girls cannot help but swoon and go giggly as the bad boy of the year, walks along the corridor, flashing his cheeky grin, and causing disruption in class, annoying to some, but to the girls with a crush, they find him hilarious. Shooting off home on his motorbike perhaps, leaving girls fainting in his dust.

One, two, three and many more "lucky" girls perhaps fall for his charms and into his arms during the years at school, each and every one left heartbroken and crying into their pillow, yet jump as the phone rings, knowing full well they will go back to him if asked despite the fact he has long moved on to the next poor young lady.

Teenage girls can be forgiven for this, they are learning about life and love, and although many do learn from their adolescent "mistakes" there are still many women who cannot help but fall for the bad boys throughout their life, leading them down the road of heartbreak time and time again.

It has been said that women believe they can be the one to change these men, they watch the films and are so sure that their beau will fall completely and utterly in love with them, and change their bad boy ways once and for all. This rarely happens, but would some of these women love them if it did? They spend years avoiding the good guys, refusing to date men who they know will treat them well, for the thrill and the excitement of dating a man about town, to be the girl on his arm, with other girls watching enviously from the sidelines.

So if their beau was to change his wild ways, would they still want him? Or would they rather the bad boy to indeed stay bad, but stay faithful to them, to come home to them, and not trade them in for a younger model whenever they get bored, keep them excited, keep them on their toes and to love them, but to keep that element of man about town that attracted them in the first place.

I do not know the answer to the question I pose, why do women love bad boys? I have watched so many of my friends and sisters put themselves through heartbreak when they have been told early on "He is trouble." Yet still they persist, throw themselves in head first and are left sobbing into their pillows. I myself have in the past, considered getting involved with men who I know, deep down, would never be good for me. There clearly seems to be some truth in the saying "Treat them mean, keep them keen."

Of course there are some men who deceive us, who appear to be "perfect" and turn out to not to be so, we can be forgiven for falling for this, after all, living your life without ever putting your faith and trust in anyone, is quite a depressing prospect, so even when we get burnt, we still learn to trust again.

Of course I am not suggesting it is all about "bad boys" there are many men out there who fall for the wrong women, and end up getting hurt. They seem to learn from their mistakes however, unlike some women who cannot help themselves when the guy with the cheeky smile heads their way.

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I have a 16 year old daughter, and it is incredibly hard to explain why all those stylish, funky and tatoo's covered boys who are zero in studies will eventually be the losers in life. While all those guys who she think are Nerds will be sitting in big offices. But she just pretends to over-hear my advice about keeping a distance with the guys I do not like .. I guess that's what teenage is all about. Norma 2010-07-05 09:50:50 210

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