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What is the Significance of Live Strong Bracelet

BY: Jo Justin | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-04-19 12:39:07
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Article Summary: "Live strong bracelet is unique in design and conception and stands for hope and awareness for cancer victims. Read all about it in this article..."

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Live Strong bracelet is a yellow band that was initially introduced by the foundation to support Cancer patients. In fact the band was also promoted by Nike company and was worn by Neil Armstrong and the Live Strong bracelet became a movement, literally. Millions of people started buying these and they not only wore it in their own hands, but they started presenting it to their friends and family and it seemed at one point of time that almost everyone were wearing these bands.

A live Strong bracelet is yellow in color and is a small band that is worn around the wrist. These bands are worn by all people who show solidarity with the people who have been affected with Cancer. The fact that Neil Armstrong was a Cancer survivor and has been able to go on and participate in a tough competition like the Tour de France that is one of the ultimate tests for human endurance has made him quite famous and the fact that a person, the stature of Neil Armstrong is supporting a cause has made many more people to also be a part of this unique movement.

The Live Strong bracelet is a very unique method of showing peoples love for their near and dear ones who have suffered a lot because of the disease. There are some who actually might have even lost their lives, but their families wear these yellow bands in their remembrance. These Live Strong bracelets cost only $1 per band and this very less cost of supporting something that is unique and a disease that is common in all parts of the world and cause tragedy and sorrow to all people has made many people to come forward to show their support.

The fake ones:

The Live Strong bracelets have created quite a stir all over the world and especially in the United States and just like any other method in which many people are involved, this unique band has also been used by, any people to make their own share of the profit. There are many people who have made and sold fake Live Strong bracelets and this has made it even more popular. The fake bands are also available for a lesser price and this could have increased the popularity.

The only aspect that should be remembered is that the cancer awareness and the fact that cancer is curable are increased to a large extent. Many more people are coming to know that adequate treatment is available and that people can return to a normal lifestyle once the treatment is over. This Live Strong bracelet has been making all these ideas to be more popular. It has given a new lease of hope to the millions of people who have been part of the group that has been wearing these bands.

Live Strong bracelet may have lost its significance after a peak, but the legacy of the people involved and those who have overcome the disease lives on.

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The article is very nice. I just wanted to point to you a little error: the name of the cyclist is Lance Armstrong. Neil Armstrong is another hero. He's the guy from Appolo 11 the first man that set foot on the moon. Dumitru Drinovan 2010-07-25 16:32:03 242
You might wanna change Neil Armstrong to Lance Armstrong. I believe u got the names mixed up :) sachin Yadav 2012-09-11 08:03:29 1490

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