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What is Technical Education

BY: Abrar ali | Category: Technology | Submitted: 2010-07-25 08:36:02
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Education can be divided into three parts. Education that teaches us how to live in society is called social education. The education that develops our personality may be termed as spiritual education. Education that teaches us how to earn our living is named as vocational education. Technical education is a branch of vocational education. It means training technology, industry or mechanics, It's aim is to provide instruction s and training in skills that have a practical use. Those who obtain such education learn the parts or components of machines and the ways of working and repairing them. They also learn about the production and use of their spare parts.

The engineers, builders and mechanics are the most useful section of an industrial society. Ours is the age of industry. In our parts of the world where industrialization is just beginning there is a great need for technical workers. Even agriculture which has been our major occupation will not prosper if modern ways of cultivation are not employment. It is possible only if our farmers are trained to use agricultural machines. Thus they will be able to do more work is less time.
Technical education is not only necessary but also the only answer to the problem of our expanding economy. Through technical education we can increase the material resources of our country. It promotes the material prosperity and economic advancement. It imparts quickness, attention, neatness and order in the workers. It creates faith in the dignity of labors. If a country has her own technical experts, she can save a lot of foreign exchange. In short, technical education makes a country rich, prosperous and resourceful.

In England, there is lack of technical education. Our schools and colleges produce clerks. Our young-men run after office jobs. They have to learn practical skills. Poverty in England is due to the neglect of technical education. Our country is rich in raw material resources. But we do not have technical knowledge to benefit from them. We should know that technical education is the very condition of modern civilization. Our educationists must realize the need of technical education. More and more technical institutions should be established and idea of dignity of labor should be popularized if we want our country to progress and prosper.

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