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What an Anemic Girl Can Eat?

BY: sadhana makhija | Category: Food | Submitted: 2012-10-02 01:12:57
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Article Summary: "Niyati is concerned about Pinky staying next door. Pinky is anemic and Niyti goes to dietician to ask about the diet for Pinky.."

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Niyati: Good Morning Mam.
Dietician : Good Morning Niyati. How are you today?

Niyati : I am fine thank you Mam.
Dietician : So what happened? Why you are here today?

Niyati : I have a neighbor called Pinky. She is not well. Her skin is very pale. She seems to be very weak. She does not take proper food. Her appetite is very low. She is suffering from Headache, Tiredness, Fatigue, Dizziness, Confusion, Shortness of breath, Chest pain.
Dietician : Does she have any blood reports?

Niyati : Yes, she has checked it. Her Hb is 8.0. What is the normal range Mam?
Dietician : Between 12.0 to 14.0.

Niyati : Oh that means it is very low.
Dietician : Yes. What does doctor says?

Niyati : Doctor says she is anemic. What is anemic Mam?
Dietician : Anaemia occurs when the level of haemoglobin (red blood cells) falls below normal levels, causing a decrease in the supply of oxygen in the tissues. The person becomes pale, weak and suffers from common ailments what Pinky is suffering from.

Niyati : Mam, Doctor asked me to meet you in this case as you can suggest the diet for her.
Dietician : Yes sure, Why not.

Niyati : Mam, what food will help to make Hemoglobin? What diet she should take?
Dietician : A diet rich in iron helps in increasing the hemoglobin levels. It is seen that iron from non-veg sources (heme-iron) is more readily absorbed than iron from vegetarian sources (non-heme iron). The addition of vitamin C to the diet helps in the absorption of iron and hence squeezing some lime juice on your salads/food and eating or drinking foods rich in vitamin C along with your meals would facilitate iron absorption. Avoid drinking tea with your meals as the tannins present in the tea can interfere with the absorption of iron from the meal.

Niyati : What foods are rich in iron Mam?
Dietician : White bread (enriched), Whole wheat bread, Enriched macaroni, Bran cereals, bajra, rice flakes, til, jaggery, Green leafy vegetables, Cooked lentils and beans, potato, Sweet potatoes, Peas, Watermelon, Dates (khajur)

Niyati : What else can be taken care of?
Dietician : She should take her breakfast, lunch and dinner in time. Ask her not to skip any meals. Consume plenty of fruits and juices.

Niyati : Thanks Mam. You helped me a lot. I will tell her to eat the food properly.
Dietician : Welcome My dear.

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