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What You Need to Know About the Skinny and Baggy Jeans

BY: Deena David | Category: Entertainment | Submitted: 2010-04-27 04:20:27
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Article Summary: "The pop starts are having a race out there to see if the baggy jeans is more popular than the skinny jeans. Each group popularizng one of these are out in a war like race!.."

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Jeans have become a common casual wear for all the people of the world. This is in fact one of the best loved dress for both men and women. Every group of people is comfortable with wearing the jeans. Similarly, each and every age group of people is very interested in wearing jeans from a very young age to older people. This is one of the most popular clothes and has caught the liking of all the people.

Recently, there has been a competition of a kind from the various pop musicians who have started 'fighting' over the kind of jeans. The regular jeans that used to be very popular in the early nineties were the baggy jeans and many people of that generation used to love this kind of jeans. As time passed, people started experimenting with the kind of jeans that is being worn and the skinny jean was born. This has made the traditional people to feel really odd with the new jeans that are tight ones to wear. The other kind of jeans that were neither baggy nor skinny have been also been part of the jeans kingdom.

After a few years of the use of the new skinny jeans, the people who were staunch supporters of the baggy jeans started wondering if the skinny jeans will take over their market and make it obsolete and this made a war of sorts to start to promote the use of the baggy jeans.

The pop stars started singing and making songs praising their kind of jeans and they started talking ill of the other kind of jeans. This has made many more people to realize the truth about the jeans that they are used to wearing. There are some advantages of each of these jeans, but usually it is because of the comfort of wear that the people use these kinds of jeans, but the pop stars have made loyalty to the particular kind of jeans to be more important to the comfort of the wear that people are used to.

War of songs

There are many followers of these pop stars who have started using the jeans that their idol has started promoting. Though there is no benefit to the companies that make the jeans as the same companies make both the baggy jeans as well as the skinny jeans, the war of words or in fact the war of songs have made the use of jeans to be quite unique. There have been a sudden increase in the number of songs that have been sung in favor of either of these jeans and they have actually made the use of jeans more popular among the younger generation who were slowly moving away from the denim culture!

The regular jeans

The people who have been left out of the war between those who like the baggy jeans and those who like the skinny jeans are those who are used to wearing their normal wear jeans. These are neither baggy nor skinny, but fit to the right person in the right way!

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