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What Every Husband Needs to Do About a Cheating Wife

BY: Mano Johnson | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-07-19 06:50:00
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Article Summary: "A marriage is sacred in many cultures. If the wife cheats, most husbands are very intolerant and divorce them. Here are methods of dealing with a cheating wife..."

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It is heartbreaking to see the woman who once swore to love and cherish you all the days of her life spending time with someone else. You may be shocked when you discover your wife is cheating on you, but the solution depends on how you react to it. Some people will straight away send their wives packing, thinking that there is no way they can make her stop cheating. You can however make your wife stop cheating on you.

I will take you through a few steps in keeping a cheating wife away from cheating on you again.

Find her reasons for cheating

We all do the things we do for a reason and so your wife may also have a reason for cheating on you. If you get to know the reasons, you can put measures in place so that it does not happen again. In finding out her reasons, it is best to talk to her not in a raised voice or in anger. You need to be sober and talk go straight to the point. Let her know you know and how you feel about it and then ask her why she did it. She might not tell you immediately but keep asking till she tells you.

Show her your love

if your wife is cheating on you for any reason, it may be that you are not showing her enough love. Well if you want her to stop cheating, then you must show your love to her, not just by saying you love her but by acting it. Give ear to wife when she wants to talk and also do things that she likes for her. This will make her re-think and realize that you love her eternal and her cheating activities are not worth it.

Spend time with her

Women love to be attended to and so if you want to keep your wife from cheating on you, you need to give her the best of your time and attention. Spend a lot of time with her helping her around the house, taking her out to have fun, listening to her when she talks. Spending time with your wife will give her little time to go out after other men. It will also make her feel that you care for her and will make her stop.

Provide her needs

If you do not provide the needs of your wife, someone else will. The person who will provide for your wife will expect your wife to sleep with him in return. It is therefore dutiful on your part to provide her every need; physical, psychological and emotional. This will make her not to go to any other man for her needs and so will stop cheating on you.

Be faithful to her

Leadership by example works in marriages too. If you as a husband you cheat, you should not expect less from your wife. She might have realized your unfaithfulness and may only be paying you back by cheating. Stop all your cheating activities if you want your wife to also stop. It is ok for the two of you to talk about your unfaithful behaviors and promise each other not to continue.

If you do the things mentioned above, you are sure to keep your wife at home.

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I am sorry to disappoint you but this article is not based on reality. DO NOT follow this advice and look for a qualified information on survivinginfidelity web site This article is a product of wishful thinking and very misleading. It put the blame of affair on you while a cheating spouse gets a free ride because the affair is "justified" There are no excuses for infidelity. Sergio Alvarez 2010-10-19 14:05:51 372
i fully agree with the previous comment. there could be reasons for some one to cheat. but not a single one can justify cheating. this article sucks. it is as good as talking of "human rights" for terrorists!! venkat 2011-07-24 06:44:51 871

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