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What Every Alcoholic Needs to Know About Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-06-09 02:08:15
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Article Summary: "Withdrawal symptoms in alcoholics can be very disturbing. Here are some of the common sumptoms seen inalcoholics..."

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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are those symptoms that an alcoholic will face after reducing or stopping the alcohol consumption. Due to the hyper-excitable state of the central nervous system, an alcoholic experiences this syndrome. Not every individual who abandons drinking, experiences withdrawal symptoms, but most of the people who have been drinking very frequently for quite a long time will experience some form of withdrawal symptoms, if they stop drinking all of a sudden. So before planning to embark on an alcohol free life, it is highly recommended that you should consult with a medical professional, as you cannot definitely predict how your body and nervous system would respond to it.

There will be physical symptoms, psychological symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms are those which actually occur within 6 to 48 hours of the last time when alcohol was consumed..

The common symptoms seen are -

- Insomnia or sleeping difficulties. It is the most common sign that happens to almost everyone.
- Heavy sweating, especially on the palms of the hands and on the face.
- Feeling nervous without any particular reason.
- Most of the people get depressed during the withdrawal.
- Emotional imbalance or volatility might also happen to you.
- Having nightmares.
- Gastrointestinal upsets
- Some of those affected might look anemic.
- Vomiting or loss of hunger can also happen to some people.
- Heart palpitations
- Tiredness

Most of these symptoms will decrease promptly as the body begins to recover from years of alcohol poisoning and the addict gets used to living without it.
The severe symptoms of addiction usually appear after 48 to 96 hours of the last alcoholic drink.

The following are the list of severe symptoms-

- Delirium tremens (DTs) which is a state of confusion and hallucinations.
- High fever
- Extreme emotional changes
- Black outs
- Muscle tremors
- Visual hallucinations
- Memory loss

These symptoms require longer periods to recover and the sufferer has to take long term drugs and constant monitoring is needed for the person to get well. Other moderate symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can easily be treated with proper medical help in a shorter period. You have to well aware of these syndromes before taking the initiatives to step into an alcohol free life because almost 90% of the people who suffer from these symptoms get back to the intoxicated stage once again. So you have to have a prior plan about whom you should contact when you experience these symptoms.

Alcoholics who have a need for surgery also have an increased rate of post operative complications. Their healing might take longer time than usual, they might also have insufficient heart and lungs functions, infections and bleeding. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may cause further trauma in post surgery period.
If you are currently suffering from these symptoms, please don't give up and go back to the alcohol, rather consult with your physician regularly so that he or she can evaluate the severity of your situation and prescribe the best treatment option accessible for your situation.

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