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The Various Pre-Employment Tests That Can Be Used in Selecting a Person

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Article Summary: "There are various pre-employment tests that can be used in selecting a person. Knowledge about these tests will help you to understand them better and overcome them. Read on to learn of these tests..."

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There are many kinds of tests that are usually held before appointing a person in a job. The selection process is given a lot of importance when a person is being selected in a job. The selection process includes an initial scrutiny of the applications and all the relevant applications are picked and a test for the assessment of the skills of the candidate is held. After the test, there could be a group discussion or a interview with the top management of the company. This process helps to select the best employees for the job.

There are various kinds of tests that can be used to select the person for the job. The common types of tests for the applicants for the jobs are as follows.

1. Tests in general ability:

This is the test that is commonly given to all applicants for the job. The general ability test has a battery of questions based on the general knowledge topics that include current political situation, history, geography and various other current issues. This tests the general knowledge that the applicant has in various topics.

2. Tests in specific ability:

Other than the general ability, the applicant is also tested in specific ability. This is the tests that are conducted to identify the knowledge that the person has in specific areas like the ones that are needed for the work in the company.

3. Tests for achievement:

Achievement tests are those that are increasingly being used in many situations to make sure that the individual who is getting into a job is able to overcome various situations that need immediate intervention. These tests measure the ability of the candidate to deal with a particular situation and so are called as achievement tests.

4. Personality tests:

Each and every job that is done needs the employee to have a personality that goes with the job. Customer or client employee relation is very important in the improvement of the company and its profitability. Personality tests are the ones that are useful in these kinds of situations and help to analyze the individual.

5. Intelligence tests:

Intelligence tests are also very important because they are usually tested to check the intelligence quotient of the person. This is a very important aspect of the professional life of the person. Only if the individual is intelligent will the person have the ability to work in any situation that is challenging and then come out successful from the whole episode.

6. Aptitude tests:

The aptitude of the employee is very important and this is tested with the various aptitude tests that are used. There are different kinds of tests that test the analytical ability of the individuals who have applied for the job. This includes reasoning tests.

These are the various tests that are usually given to the candidate before they are selected for the job. A person has to be versatile and be able to complete these tests to the satisfaction of the examiner to be selected.

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