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The Universe is Alive and Responds to Your Feelings

BY: Sachin Babbar | Category: Education | Submitted: 2011-02-18 08:35:47
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Article Summary: "This article tells you about some facts of life , some facts of universe and how human is connected to the universe and how we can change our circumstances , conditions using our inner power..."

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The universe is alive and responds to your feelings every time --> you all probably might be thinking how universe can be alive and how it is responding and I will tell you how , A human mind is a highest transmission tower in this world and it is always transmitting frequency.

Every human thought has a frequency and when human mind thinks this frequency gets transmiited to the universe and universe take that frequency and responds according the frequency.

Thoughts can be of two types --> positive and negative and accordingly mind transmits two type of frequency i.e, positive and negative and when human mind transmits postive frequency it goes to universe and universe responds by bringing positive circumstances , postive conditions and positive people which are on the same positive frequency and when human mind transmite negative frequency the universe bring negative circumstances , negative conditions and negative people.

So by controlling our thoughts we can control our life but it is very difficult to control our thoughts as human mind thinks 60000 thoughts a day (approx.) so you might be thinking what is the solution of this .

The solution is very simple FEEL GOOD and a person can feel good by thinking only postive thoughts.

There can be many things for which you are proud of , many things which you love and just by thinking those things you can feel good and you will emit the postive frequency and get postive people , circumstances and conditions.

I am about to give you a small exercise --> just close your eyes and think about a thing for which you are proud and you got that thing by lots of hard work think about that thing and feel that thing you will get lots of postive energy everytime you think about that thing everyday when you wake up just practice above exercise and it will certaintly help you but one more thing here I want to mention when you think about that thing please think about those people also who help you to get that thing just feel gratitude for them and say thanks to them.

This will solve your purpose and you will get what you want :)

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Hi anyone wants to contact me we can discuss more and I can tell you more exercises which wll be beneficial to you Sachin Babbar - Author 2011-02-19 22:51:06 615
any one wants to contact me _sachinbabbar201986@gmailcom Sachin Babbar - Author 2011-06-10 22:15:29 830

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