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The Top Causes of Snoring in Children and Prevent It

BY: Dave Information | Category: Health | Submitted: 2010-12-29 19:24:20
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Article Summary: "Snoring in children can lead to severe problems. Read on to know the causes and methods of preventing the snoring in children..."

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Each mother would love to hear the sound of the child while sleeping, the smooth flow of air into the child. If the mother hears the child snore, then she will know that there is something wrong. This could be a simple problem that can be corrected very easily. On the other hand, it could also be a very severe problem that can even be life threatening to the child if it is not treated adequately and on time. This makes it very important for the cause to be identified and treated.

Unlike in adults, if children snore, then it can mean only danger. The major causes of this snoring in infants could be either sinusitis or it could be enlargement of the adenoid. For the former, the treatment is the use of antibiotics. On the other hand, for adenoid enlargement, you will have to have surgery done to get it removed.

If the child snores, it could mean that the child is suffering from sleep apnea. This is a condition where the child does not breathe for up to about a minute and then suddenly gasps for breath. This should be given a lot of attention.

Children who snore may suffer from cough and asthma, that exacerbates in the night. So the snoring should be immediately investigates, especially because of the tender age of the children.

Some children have been found to have a direct correlation with their decreased school performance and snoring.

This is reason enough for the parents to immediately try to cure it as soon as they see the first signs of snoring symptoms.

Though you need to treat the condition, there is no need to panic. All you have to do is to take the child to a physician and then get it checked. Most of these signs of snoring can be treated in the home similar to many other simple conditions.

Some methods that can help to cure the problem at home are as follows:

Saltwater helps to clear the block and such nasal drops are available in pharmacies. You can even make it at home by boiling a mixture of salt and water, then using it as it cools down. This will help to clear the mucus in the nose.

Decongestants can also be used for children orally. Though these do not actually cure the condition completely, it will help to decrease the signs of the disease. It will help to increase the breathing and the air entry by reducing the congestion and so it helps the snoring indirectly.

• Though all these help in the treatment of snoring, antihistamines should be avoided as they can increase snoring, by sedating the person. Sedatives decrease the muscle function and narrow the air entry passage and so increase the snoring of the child.

• As your child sleeps, you can also try to change his position. This will help you to identify the best position in which he does not snore much. Lucinda Halstead, an Assistant Professor working in the Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences has found that children have decreased snoring if they lie on their side with the head supported.

As a parent, you should make sure that you are able to keep your child safe. You should observe your child on a regular basis as this can help you to identify the presence of any problems early enough so that there is a decreased chance of any major disease occurring.

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