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The Process of Delegation

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Article Summary: "Delegation of work is important in office work and business. Read what a manager needs to know about this process..."

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There are five important aspects of delegation that every manager has to know about. Once the person knows these steps and then delegates the work, the people will be able to work better in the company or organization. This is very important as far as the success of the manager and the company is concerned.

1. Define the task
2. Decide on the delegate
3. Determine the task
4. Reach agreement
5. Monitor performances and provide feedback

1. Define the task:
Delegate only routine tasks and tasks which you don't have time. Delegate tasks which are lower down in priority. Decide whether it involves technical or cognitive skills, any qualification, creativity and problem solving.
2. Decide on the delegate;
Analyze on the skill levels and capability, character that may prevent them from accepting responsibility, availability and the willingness of the delegate.
3. Determine the task:
Define your expectations and plan for a meeting with the delegate .Provide enough time for discussion about the task and clarify doubts of the delegate. Identify constraints and validate understanding of the delegate.
4. Reach agreement:
Make sure that delegate agrees to accept responsibility and authority for the task. Encourage delegate to complete the task successfully. The delegates task is to understand the task assigned to him and also acknowledge the delegators confidence in assigning the responsibility
5. Monitor performance and provide feedback:
Give careful thought of the task done and remain accessible for the delegate. Support the delegate and give praise and recognition.

Tools for delegating:

· Transfer authority
· Follow rules
· Follow delegation process
· Accept when your clear of your task
· Confront your fears about delegation

Benefits of Delegation for the manager:

· Has more time to those tasks that cannot be delegated
· It helps to develop new skills and also gives an opportunity for him to develop professionally
· Provides continuity even when the manager is absent
· There is always a ready replacement
Benefits for the delegate:
· Gains new skills
· Gains trust, support and confidence
· He achieves job satisfaction and motivation
· Learns to appreciate roles and responsibilities of others
· Has greater awareness towards the task to be done and the managerial activities
· More co-operation and speed is enhanced.
Benefits to the organization:
· Organizational goals are achieved
· Absenteeism is reduced
· Improves the productivity
· Improves financial position
· Improves efficiency
· Improves customer satisfaction
· Increases the quality of care or the product

Barriers to delegation:
There are many barriers to delegation for both the delegator as well as the delegate. Those are
· Non supporting environment: A environment with good, lively and co-operative people help the manager to delegate and work in unison ,whereas an environment where there is no proper job description laid down, or there are no resources ,there can be no delegation
· An insecure delegator
· Lack of confidence of the delegator over the delegate: The delegator feels that the delegate is incapable, indispensable and is useless. Sometimes he has the fear of competition and meeting challenges, feels afraid of criticisms and feels burdened.
· Sometimes the delegator might even blame others or might be inexperienced in delegating.
· An unwilling delegate: This could be because he is inexperienced, is afraid of failure and because of dependence on others.

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