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The Personal Passion Formula Reviewed - Chuck Goetschel

BY: Leigh Desormo2 | Category: Self-Improvement | Submitted: 2011-01-14 19:57:49
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Article Summary: "Unlock your potential and find out what you are meant to do in life- and while you're at it, make money! In the program, my friend and mentor Chuck Goetschel shows you step by step how to do these things. And it's no joke. .."

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Why do 75% of people hate their job? They are not living their passion!
People work jobs because they are taught to. Our western culture has conditioned us to believe that going to work and holding down a job is what you are supposed to do. It is our societies equivalent of "the right" thing. It is also the way you provide necessities for not only yourself, but those who may depend on you.

Dating back to the cavemen, human beings subconsciously define themselves by their work. Work is our contribution to the world and is how we perceive our "self value." This should come as no surprise. The majority of your waking hours are spent working your job!
So- are you doing something for all those hours that excite you? That you can't wait for the next day to start to do it again? Are new ideas about work coming to you in the middle of the night?

If not- sounds like someone needs some passion injected into their work!

The Personal Passion Formula is a mentoring course designed to help you figure out what is your absolute passion. What ado you feel strongly about? Feel ANGRY about? Generally those are the very things you need to share with the world!

By natures' design, our greatest strengths generally support our passions. Or is it the other way around? Either way, each and every one of us is here for a specific reason. You have talents and skills that support that purpose! Use them! Go after what you are passionate about!

Now, doing things you are passionate about without pay is called philanthropy. And this my friends, has a place in the world. But Personal Passion Formula is not about creating a bunch of philanthropists.

The reality is all of us have chartiable works we are involved in or would like to be involved in. But you can't do those when your mortgage isn't getting paid, or the kids aren't being fed!
Personal Passion Formula is not only there to help develop and define your passion, but ALSO has the system behind it to help you make money while doing what you love!

In the program, my friend and mentor Chuck Goetschel shows you step by step how to do these things. And it's no joke. I spent a couple hours with him this past week with him writing the vision of the program on a couple sheets of blank paper. (He took the notes at the end of the meeting, darn it. :) )

What I realized is Chuck, and the big names he has behind this project, are developing something absolutely extraordinary. It's the exact thing that all of us wish for when we say "if only we had someone to show us the way...."

Discover your passion! And if you already know what you love to do.... Great! Find out how to make money at doing it IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS.

I believe in Chuck. I believe in the backing he got for this program. Start making money by doing what you love, and open up options and choices for yourself that you may not have right now!

About Author / Additional Info:
Learn more about Chuck Goetschels' Personal Passion Formula, see or go here to see an interview with the man himself!

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