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The Meaning of Life

BY: Sreenivasan V P | Category: Self-Improvement | Submitted: 2012-02-12 02:59:25
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Article Summary: "What is the meaning of life ? This is a genuine question . This is the question where even philosophical inquiries begin ... But the fact that we don't know the meaning of life gives meaning to life . Do we know what will happen tomorrow ? .."

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What is the meaning of life ? This is a genuine question . This is the question where even philosophical inquiries begin ... But the fact that we don't know the meaning of life gives meaning to life . Do we know what will happen tomorrow ? We don't know , that is why life is very interesting , do we know what is the meaning of life ? We don't know , that is why life is so exciting ....So any attempt to predict the future is an act of stupid minds ...... And as Niels bohr said " prediction is impossible , especially about the future " .

Man is a social animal . Man is more social than other animals , the main reason for this is that human beings got the capacity to think ....Schopenhauer once said , animals are most happy creatures of this world , and the lives of human beings are the most miserable thing in this world. This is true , the fact that animals do not bear the capacity to think makes them happy because they are satisfied if they could satisfy basic instincts . The fact that human beings got the capacity to think makes them think about meaning of life , life after death ,society , state ,and even God .

We think and are trying to find a meaning of life mainly because we want to be happy. But life is not designed to be happy always . This world and the life of human beings are sorrowful in its core and whoever understands this theory will lead a happy life . To live is to have problems and if you try to stop these problems , more problems will come into your life ... The right approach to deal with life's problems is to develop a flexible and strong mind which can resist life's problems and to realize that to live is to have problems .... And the beauty of life lies in the fact that life is a complex entity.

A week back, I was sitting in my room in Bangalore . It was a Sunday and I had no specific work as such. The atmosphere was very peaceful and serene ... But after a certain point of time , I felt that the peace I was getting in that room is boring ... It is true , peace is sometimes very boring .... That is why people talk a lot about peace but nobody is trying to bring peace in their life . What removes this boredom is excitement and what gives this excitement is nothing but we don't know what life will offer us the next moment . So this is very important that this excitement of life is not lost , otherwise life will become a boring act....

The question whether life has any meaning itself is a meaningless question because it is basically an error in language ...One philosopher said, "You cannot express anything in language which is not erroneous "...So if you want to express something in language , you are talking either wrong or you may be misinterpreted .. So language is very suspicious .... You can say a word which has only one meaning .But you cannot express a sentence which has only one meaning .

For example, if you say " Water ". Everybody understands that it is water only ...

But if you say " I love water " ... Some people will think that "You love a liquid called water "
Or " some people say " You love a girl and her name is water "

You can ask what is the meaning of " Liberty " , but in the same way , you cannot ask what is the meaning of life ..... because life and liberty even though both are nouns , they are entirely different things .... You can ask any sentence in English language which satisfies grammatical rules ... But it does not mean that the sentence you formulate has any meaning or logic .....
So I can say " there is no peace in peace ...... "

Some people believe that following a religion is the way to find meaning in life ,some believe that achieving and enjoying their rights such as liberty, food and sexuality are the ways to find meaning in life .... Finding life's meaning in a particular material possession or the above rights has become an increasing trend because these are the areas men and women turns their life to find a value in their existence ....Shaupenhaur believed that the will to live is the basic principle that motivate people to live and he also believed that we , human beings are helpless instruments of Will's blind ....

This is true , the existence of human beings has importance but the life of a particular individual does not bear any importance , so it is very important that whatever meaning we give to life should give meaning to the life of people around us .... As Cheguevera said , " Our dreams and goals are same".

The search for meaning is essentially personal but whatever meaning we find should have some relevance on other people lives .....The individual bias in finding meaning of life is wrong because basically life is meaningless .... It has reflected in the modern life , says some thinkers ....
The modern life is more equipped to find a meaning for his/her life and that is why people do not agree even on fundamental issues like threat of nuclear bombs etc . How can I be interested in the Fukushima nuclear leakage when I find meaning in buying a rolls roys car in next five years ?

Life is sorrowful , and the inherent nature of life is meaningless , but life is beautiful. Life is beautiful Mainly because we don't know where we are going and we can't predict what will happen tomorrow ...So don't go to astrologer next time , understand that we are blessed with a curious and interesting life . And if God exists ( which I do not believe ) , this is the only way , he/she can create this world ......

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