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The Issue on Hearing Loss on Children

BY: kenneth buford | Category: Health | Submitted: 2010-12-13 21:49:07
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Article Summary: "This 5 year old boy lives in a world that is filled with silence. With that the boy cannot hear what his parents are saying..."

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A 5 year old boy is unable to hear. With his blond hair and wide eyes he is unable to recognize even the voice of his own parents. The boy took part in many tests already that looked into his hearing.

Doctors were able to notice that the boy could not hear. At the Communicative Disorders at the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine a faculty is looking into a way to actually be certain about the diagnosis on children like the boy. When one is said to have something that he does not much time, effort and money goes to waste hoping fix a problem that is not there.

Doctors will check the reaction of the child when they hear a certain sound. Here the doctor is able to measure the brain activity relative to the sound. Sounds are fed to the child via earphones. Actives in the brain are read in an EEG and then into a response computer to analyze what was received.

Using an EEG the brain waves will be made into a graph. The purpose of the computer now is to come up with the average number of how the brain reacted to the sound. The good thing about this procedure is that it will be able to get all the responses no matter how small. According to the research done by the professor there is much hope in finding alternative ways in testing children with hearing impairments. Included in the professor's research are those people from the University of Wisconsin who work in speech, hearing and pediatrics.

There is lesser damage to the child one their hearing problems are seen earlier as treatment can start right way. Sometimes even infants are tested. There is a good chance that babies will not have the electric brain response tests so hearing will be tested.

Being able to find the hearing problems of the child when they are still young will warrant then a greater chance of being able to live a normal life. When a child is not able to hear anything, he will not be able to learn how to speak. The professors will study more the process of hearing to gain more information on it. There is also ongoing research on what really causes the child's deafness whether it is retardation or mental problems. When one observe children who can hear normally and compare that with those that cannot hear will help in the research greatly. It is a pretty simple process where adults will be test first along with children who can hear normally and then those children who might lose their hearing in the future. Professors are very interested with the different ways a person will react when he or she hears a sound. They want to determine what hearing thresholds or abilities are in infants and at what age the brain's responses to sound stabilize.

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