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The Factors That Affect the Learning Ability of a Child

BY: S Edwin | Category: Education | Submitted: 2010-03-03 10:09:44
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Article Summary: "There are various factors that affect the learning ability of a child. These factors are all listed in this article..."

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There are various factors that affect the learning ability of the child. Some of the factors play a more important role than the other factors. The factors that affect the learning ability of the child are also important because some of these factors will affect the ability of the child positively and the other factors affect the child in a negative way. The importance of these factors is that the positive factors have to be reinforced and the negative factors have to be removed for the child to have a increased learning ability.

The various factors that affect the learning ability of the child are all listed below and it is explained how these factors affect the learning abilities of the child.

1. Having Calm, good, kind instructor:

The instructor of a child plays a major role in the learning ability of a child. There are some instructors who are very rough and tough in their approach to the child. The child is not able to give off its best under the situation because the child is scared and is not able to study in fear of the instructor.

2. Having good student-staff relations:

Good staff and student relation is very important for the child to do well in the education and also to improve the learning abilities. This depends on the staff who is guiding the student. A staff who is able to guide the student in the best possible manner is able to bring out the best in the child and increase the learning ability.

3. Competent teaching skills of instructor:

The teaching skill of the teacher is another important factor in the increased learning ability of the child. The reason for this is that the teacher who is competent will be able to bring out the best from even the worst student. An incompetent and poor teacher will make even the best student to falter and become unsuccessful. This makes the teaching skills an important factor in the learning ability of the child.

4. A lively atmosphere:

A lively atmosphere in the area where the child is learning will again motivate the child to learn as much as possible. If the surroundings are dull and not conducive for learning, the child might even sleep off and not learn much.

5. Able to work in their pace:

A child who is allowed to work in the pace of the child will have increased learning ability. If the child does not have the freedom to work in the pace that is self determined, but is forced to learn at the pace of others, then it too affects the learning ability of the child.

6. Are able to practice what they have learnt:

Practice is a very important factor that allows reinforcing the learning. A child who is able to practice what has been learnt is very important due to this reason. Practice helps to increase the learning ability of the child.

These are the various factors that affect the learning abilities of the child.

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