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The Dead Emotions

BY: Raman Sukhija | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2012-06-08 07:29:40
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Article Summary: "This is to arouse the world in general about the emotions which are by far neglected and being practical is what is prophesised......."

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The dead emotions
Were they already dead or were they killed???

When we think of emotions,we all feel the same for a moment..Howsoever tough a person may be,there are weak moments in his life too when he too needs a shoulder,when he too wants somebody to console him,when he finds it hard to bear with himself,his tough self....

All of us want to remain tough.None of us wishes to fall prey to tears and the subsequent depression.The most probable and the obvious reason is that we do not want any complexities or confusions in our life,we want our life to be absolutely simple.

There are many things that we want and desire but alone dreaming doesn't help.One has to be really critical of his own self from time to time,one has to keep scrutinising himself for constant feedback that his self demands from time to time.

Though remaining emotionless and insensitive has become the sole key of remaining tensionfree and separated(in a way) from others which is the need of the hour...,,but somewhere due to these emotions which were killed long time back and buried deep within ourselves,,we feel a certain vacuum within ourselves.The reason is that we fail to open up even in times of severe anxiety..and it somewhere keeps accumulating within ourselves which comes as an outburst of tears,of tears which become uncontrollable later on..and we find relieved after we have shed them.

I fail to understand why we all love to tamper with something that was bestowed upon us since our birth.....EMOTIONS..the emotions a mother has delivering her baby,the emotions she has when watching her baby at play,the emotions that connect the mother and the child,the emotions which even the child understands in the form of love he is given,the emotions with which the baby utters the very first word of his life...In Indian society the growing up of a child sees the growing emotions as well..

The sad thing is that the moment one comes to understand things around himself,he wants to disconnect from emotions...the same emotions which have been a part of one's nurturing up..But he is not at fault since his life demands it then...

I write it because unlike those who kill emotions i let them grow within me but i don't live life...
And people say don't tamper with the nature..i tried following but what did i get in the end???????a miserable existence......???????is that the reward of being natural???well i cant answer my own questions today.....and i know no1 can....
When can we be very sure about ourselves is only when we tend to give emotions a vent......

About Author / Additional Info:
I write only for my pleasure and to convey things that are obvious but are not paid heed to

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