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Tactics to Pass Out With Flying Colors in Exams

BY: Jo Justin | Category: Education | Submitted: 2010-03-16 08:46:38
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Article Summary: "Examination is a very important method of assessing the students knowledge. Read all about the methods of tackling the exam so that you can pass out with flying colors..."

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Exams are a measure of the knowledge of the person who is studying a particular course. There are many different kinds of exams that are used to assess the knowledge of the individual who is studying in a particular course. These exams are all designed differently and also assess various aspects of the candidate's knowledge.

In spite of the variation in the type of exam that you write, thee are certain tactics that you can use so that you will be able to complete your exams with flying colors. These amazing tactics that will help you are as follows:

1. Answer from the questions:

Many instances can be seen where the question itself will have an answer to the question that is being asked. If you are able to read the question paper properly and diligently, then you will be able to answer at least some of the questions.

2. Make a good first impression:

If you are writing an exam that is not multiple choice questions, but has long as well as short answers, then make sure that you write the answers to the questions that you know very well before you go on to the questions that you do not know about. Start off by writing neatly and correctly and this impression that you create on the examiner will go on till the examiner completes the whole paper.

3. Use colors to good effect:

Using colors, especially if you are as science student and need to color various parts of the diagram. This color will help you to be able to complete the paper satisfactorily. Your evaluator will also be able to grade you better for the effort that you have put in.

4. Time management:

The time management forms an important part of planning to write the exam and complete the exam successfully. There are many people who you might hear saying that they did not have enough time to complete the exam. This means that they have not been able to manage the time efficiently. If you know all the answers, then you should write the exam based on the amount of marks that are being given for the answer. So you should not write a very long answer for a question that carries only 2 marks. Similarly, make a plan depending on the pattern of questions that are usually asked in the exam. Plan out how much time you will be spending on each question. Then you should also decide to reassess your position when you reach the halfway mark in terms of time. All these should be done very quickly so that you do not waste your time planning instead of writing.

5. Do not skip questions:

Even if you do not know the answer, unless there is negative marking for the questions, you should try to write some answer to the question. Just write an answer based on the question itself and it is sure to fetch you at least the minimum marks.

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