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Stay at Home Mom's and the Need to Stay at Home After Delivery

BY: S Edwin | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-05-29 11:00:09
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Article Summary: "Mom and child bond during the months after delivery. Read on to know why the mother has to stay at home after the baby is born..."

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The bonding between a mother and an unborn baby is almost sacred. The baby can feel everything his or her mother feels during the 9 month pregnancy, whether the mom is feeling distress or angry or happy the baby will react by kicking from the mom's womb. The mother will soothingly comfort her baby by touching her stomach or gently talking to the baby. This bonding will still remain once the baby is born. A newborn baby can by, instinct recognize his own mother, through her soothing voice. He will react to her touches even before his eye sight is developed.

New mothers will breast feed the baby after he is born. This will strengthen the connection between mother and child. The first few months in a baby's life are crucial as it will respond to every single touch of its mother. That's also when the mother adapts her time and surrounding to cater to the baby's needs. She has to get used to the unpredictable hours in the early morning, to wake up to the baby's crying, either to feed him or change its diapers. This is also the time when the maternal instinct of a mother kicks in. She learns how to bathe the baby and learns to identify when a baby is crying for food or change of diapers or even when he is not feeling well.

Mothers should stay a home to spend some time with the child. A baby's immunity when it is small is low and it normally gains sustenance from mother's breast milk and her comfort. Cuddling a baby can increase his immunity and the heat from cuddling him will help his heart beat at a normal rate (also called as kangaroo care in pre term infants).

Raising a child for a few months can help strengthen the relationship between mother and child. The baby can learn to adapt to his surroundings quickly when the mother is around, rather than learning by himself with no guidance. A working mother has to teach the child slowly to adapt when she will have to go back to work. For example, leaving a child alone abruptly will cause the child to cry more and longer then when she trains the baby slowly everyday. The baby will gradually get used to his surroundings and play by himself if his mother is not around. It is also to help the mother to adapt to the surrounding when the baby is not around, especially at work.

Another reason why mother should spend a few months at home is to avoid what psychologists call 'mother's deficit' as the lack of attention will affect the babies growth.

No matter how busy a mother is either as a career women or housewife, their role is vital in developing the personality of a child and will mold the characteristic of the child when they grow-up. The time spent together has an immeasurable impact on the future of the child, hence as such, the few months devoted to the child will show positive implications perhaps throughout the lifetime of the child.

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