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Sliding Door Maintenance For the Homeowner

BY: odell pittman | Category: Real-Estate | Submitted: 2011-03-29 21:35:00
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Article Summary: "Sliding doors are the key to maximizing a cramped area, as in closets and doorways. Two paneled doors that slip past each other are called bypass doors..."

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To create more room, as needed with closets and doorways, a tremendous is the sliding door. A door that has two panels that slide past each other is termed a bypass door. Broad closets usually feature this type of door.

Doors that get stuck, stray from target, or do not close all the way are usually suffering hardware dilemmas. First on the checklist is to verify the condition of the roller brackets. Move the door while holding one bracket down at a time. Loose screws can always be tightened to tie down the brackets.

Free the whole door if you can't tell which bracket is loose. Uncouple the guides first. Put the guides to the side after you unscrew them. Dented guides should be replaced with new ones from the hardware store. There are times when bent ones can be saved using pliers.

Each side of the outer door should be covered, you on one end and a friend on the other. Working together, push the bottom outward so it rises away from the inner door. Press it to the ceiling at the same time. On an adjacent wall, park the door.

The same procedures apply to the second door. Look for openings on the side channels if you can't take out the bypass door in the manner above. Screws on loose brackets are more accessible on an emancipated door. If the screw holes have become enlarged, replace the screws with the next longer or thicker size.

Go the opposite way if you're mounting bypass doors. After installation, the doors should look even above the floor. Pin down the floor guides once again, with allowance for the doors to move freely. Sliding doors made of panels that fold, called bifold doors or accordion doors, and are also suspended from an overhead track, containing a single channel. The can be fastened with either roller brackets or spindles inside the track.

First remove the spindles and then lift the door on the same side as the pins to get the door off. Tilt the bottom up from the floor at the same time. Clean the spindles before putting the door back. Identical measures are performed on the channel interior.

The same procedures apply to the second door. Look for openings on the side channels if you can't take out the bypass door in the manner above. With an unbound door, screws can be more easily tightened especially for wobbly brackets. If screw openings have widened, just get the next biggest screw.

Turn the procedure around, and you have installation instructions. The doors should be perfectly balanced once hanging. Fasten the floor guides once more, leaving enough wiggles room for the doors without obstruction. Pleated doors and a single overhead track describe bifold or accordion doors. Panels are affixed either by roller brackets or short spindles within the tracks.

If bypass doors jam, derail or do not close tightly, the problem is usually in the hardware. Test the roller brackets before anything else. Hold the brackets one at a time tightly in the track while a helper gently wiggles the door. Wobbly brackets can be fixed by tightening the screws.

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