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Sightseeing in Bahamas: Which are the best places?

BY: Sathish k Paul | Category: Travel | Submitted: 2010-10-23 11:00:21
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Article Summary: "What sights can you see in the Bahamas is a common question. Here are some interesting travel details that you need to know..."

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The Bahamas are a group of islands in the Caribbean. They are a chain of islands and like any other islands, they are also very beautiful. If one thinks deeply, many if not all of the islands in the world are all amazing in their beauty mainly because of the fact that these have a lot of beaches around them on all sides. The presence of the beaches makes them to become as sought after tourist destinations. There are many islands in the place and each of them is amazing. There are a lot of water sports that are available in the area like snorkelling and also scuba diving.

Though hurricanes are very common in this place, it can be a great tourist destination because of the location, the beauty of the place and the presence of beaches. The climate is quite cool and that makes it a great weather to be in a beach. If you wear cotton, then that would be great in Bahamas. If it does rain, you can buy a raincoat from the various places there.

Visa requirements

: If you are staying for a time that is less than 8 months, then you do not need a via to stay in the Bahamas. This makes it very easy for any tourist to enter the place. In fact, many of the people from various parts of the world go to this place as a part of their tour or cruise. In case the cruise is a pre planned one with the tour operators, then the people who are operating the cruise will keep the passport, when you are on the tour.

Inland transport:

Since the Bahamas are a group of islands and not a single one, there is a need for the local transport to be efficient for the people to travel from one island to another one during the trip. This is made possible because of the many charter flights that are operated between the islands. Other than these charter flights, there are also boats that will take the person from one island to another for a price. The boat trip can be quite exciting and adventurous! Within the island, there are cabs that can be used for the transport needs.

The culture:

The people are very friendly because of the fact that tourism is the major industry. There are many people who have been visiting the Bahamas over the years. The locals or the natives are the people who were brought here by the British people as slaves from Africa, India and other parts of the world. This has made the place to have a mixed culture and race, which adds to the uniqueness of the place.


Since the people are from various parts of the world, the food that is available here is also from various parts of the world. African, Asian and British cuisines are either present separately or found together in some of the restaurants in the place.

Places of interest:

There are various islands that are of interest. Nassau is one of the cities that is a perfect place for the tourist. There are many beaches here other than the resorts that cater to the millions of tourists who visit the islands each year. Each island has something unique to offer for the tourist!

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