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She Was Their Prisoner But My Slave

BY: Nazar UlIslam | Category: Others | Submitted: 2010-10-04 02:52:41
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Article Summary: "I waited, I waited, and I waited. I waited that she would quit both the ways and live free. In prison she could only count the days; in slavery she could only hope for the best. The day came..."

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She was their prisoner but my slave

She was the prisoner of her parent's love which she didn't know till she became my love's slave. Being a prisoner and a slave are two different ways of loving and experiencing life. I shunned her both ways. I wanted to free her from both the shackles. But her problem was different. What she wanted to do, she couldn't do. Once it happened we were moving somewhere between the utter gloom on both the sides and she asked to herself, 'to be a prisoner and to be a slave is better than to be free'. If I ever remember, I always can remember these words--my vision for the future.

She was free and could live free but decided against it. She even never gave anyone the chance to watch her ways of life, even not to me. I was able to discover her ways through my ways of life. Once mine were the same like hers, but I left them. Therefore, I was able to know hers. However, I asked to myself, "For every yesterday is spume; and tomorrow only a dream."

I waited, I waited, and I waited. I waited that she would quit both the ways and live free. In prison she could only count the days; in slavery she could only hope for the best. The day came. Her parents died and she was free. Now she was only a slave of my love.

One day early in the morning I heard the knock at my door. I opened it for somebody but instead found her standing right before my eyes. I couldn't believe it! 'Both prisoner and slave' I asked to myself. I left the way and let her get in. It was a breakfast time and I knew she was fond of two boiled eggs and a glass of cold milk so without wasting the time I passed the offer, which she accepted. I went in and after sometime I came out with both. She ate and she glowed. In a very relaxed mood she said, 'let have walk in the garden'. She seized my hand and took me out. Hardly had we taken a few steps in the garden, she said, 'I want to marry you'. Saying so, in an angry jerk threw aside my hand and left the place immediately. She was no more a slave now. She never married and was happy like me.

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