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Qivana, the Next Rising Star?...A Review

BY: Paul Boone | Category: Others | Submitted: 2010-09-15 21:42:16
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Article Summary: "MLM opportunity seekers, who is the next big player in network marketing? Qivana just might become the darling of the industry..."

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MLM opportunity seekers who are looking for a network marketing company, or you folks who are in an MLM already but may be looking around for something better,one of the new kids on the network marketing block is Qivana. Qivana LLC was created at the end of 2009 and is privately owned by its officers. It is debt free. Two product lines have been brought to market designed to heal the family by addressing specific systems of the human body. I'll be reviewing those excellent product lines in a separate article.

Corporate Goal...

It all starts with Derek Hall, Qivana's CEO. Derek spent 26 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 16 in the natural products industry and is an icon in both. His goal for Qivana is to bring world class scientifically validated products to market by partnering with the best formulators in the nutritional industry.

The Team...

There are four other men who make up the corporate team: Craig Johanson, Chief Marketing Officer; Rodney James, Chief Sales Officer; Justin Banner, Chief Strategy Officer; and Devin Glazier, Chief Finance Officer. Education and gifting are their hallmark. They've taken three companies from zero to over half a billion dollars in annual revenues. These gentlemen are very experienced and work well together. Collectively, this makes the team a very unique collection of executives in this industry.

Fabulous Systems...

The systems are great. Qivana has taken great care in selecting its first two lines within the parameters it has set for itself: to improve the quality of life for the family through world class supplement products. There are no other products like these in the world and, furthermore, they are all proprietary. Most have patents on them and, in some cases, multiple patents. With all of the products, Qivana possesses the exclusive world wide licensing/marketing rights, giving it a great competitive edge in this area.

Integrity and Excellence...

Integrity and excellence in doing business are Qivana's passion. Derek is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the The Natural Products Foundation, part of a prominent industry trade organization. The Foundation has partnered with the Federal Trade Commission to be its enforcement arms and legs with policing the dietary supplement industry on truth in advertising in an effort to raise the level of the entire industry.|

Here for the Long Haul...

Qivana's system approach business model is well conceived and unique to the industry. Long term growth, stability, and foundation building is Qivana's mantra when it comes to the timing of its product launches.

The Blueprint...

Qivana has an impressive business plan, nationally and internationally. The leaders in the field, called Master IBO's, are superb businessmen, veteran network marketers, and are strategically located east and west in the United States. The field leaders and the officers work hand in hand at all times. Corporate wisdom at its best.

Internationally, Qivana plans to open one international country per year and is poised to open the Mexican market in October 2010 with its pre-launch, formally opening the market in March 2011. Qivana believes one international market per year is the wisest use of resources to be able to fully and effectively penetrate each country and to promote long term growth. Again, wise decision making by the corporation.

The Field's Great...

The field organization is one of the best. As mentioned earlier, the Master IBO's are all veterans of the network marketing wars and know what works and what doesn't with traditional network marketing while incorporating the latest technical and internet tools of the trade. The field leadership firmly believes in personal growth and stress it as well as skills development. They're hands on with the rest of the field, too.

The Money's There to be Made...

The compensation plan is competitive and well thought out with an emphasis on keeping it simple. It's a hybrid binary plan. Here you will see what I believe will become the trademark of Qivana: teamwork. The big players help the rank and file grow which, in turn, grows the big players because of the nature of the plan.

Not too Young, Not too Old ...

Qivana is less than 2 years old. While you should evaluate this aspect in your due diligence, you should understand that, while Qivana is a new company, it is not being run by new people to the industry. In fact, you won't find a group more qualified. They are just marching out what they have done before many times.

The Next Rising Star...

To close, Qivana has A+ ratings in virtually every area. Is Qivana the next rising star? By all accounts I think the answer is a resounding "YES!" Check it out. Click the second link below to learn more about Qivana.

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Paul Boone is passionate about network marketing and uses his experience in network marketing to teach anyone the skills necessary to be successful in the industry.

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