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Professional Benefits of Living in a Big City

BY: Deena David | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-04-07 15:46:07
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Article Summary: "There are many benefits of living in a big city. This is the reason for many people migrating to big cities from smaller ones. Read on to learn all about the professional benefits of living in a big city..."

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The cities in every country are loaded to the brim with people. The reason for this is that cities seem to have more opportunities for people in terms of the availability of the jobs and also in terms of being able to earn more money. Cities are also larger than other smaller towns and so have various kinds of job openings that can accommodate hundreds and thousands of people more than a smaller town can.

There are also many professional benefits of being in a city and they are all listed here.

1. Availability of job:

There is a higher chance of being able to get a job in a city than in a smaller town. The number of sectors that are active industrially in a city is far more than the number of sectors active in a smaller place. For example, a small village may not have any industries, but may have only farming land and all the people living there may be farmers. Other than the farming job, there is no chance of doing any other work in the city, unlike in a big city.

2. Growth potential in the profession:

The individual is able to have good growth potential in the city if the city is a big one. This is because of the variety of jobs that are on offer in the city and also the ability of the person being recognized by other companies and offering competitive job offers. In a smaller town, the number of companies may be very less and the size of the companies may also be small. This makes it difficult for growth in the profession in a smaller town.

3. Income:

The compensation for the work that an individual does is much more in a city than it is in a smaller place though the quantum of work may be the same in both the places. This is because of the increased cost of living in a city and so the salary paid to the employees of companies are higher in cities.

4. More marketing possibilities:

Any company or business that is being run in a big city has more chances of marketing success. The reason for this is that the numbers of people who are in a city are more and there will also be different groups of people in cities. This variation in the people in a city makes it easy for the sales to increase.

5. Educational possibilities:

The number of educational institutions in a city is much more than that can be seen in a smaller city or a small town. This is a great advantage because once the person is able to study in a big educational institution. It increases the chance of the person to get a good well paying job. Another reason for the professional benefits to be gained by living in a big city is that the quality of education is also usually better in a big city compared to the education that is imparted in a smaller town.

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