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Planning to Visit Kenya?

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Article Summary: "This small east African country is known for many things, like the domination in the world middle and long distance running as well as its tourism sites. Some of the things you have to do in Kenya are given in this article..."

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This small east African country is known for many things, like the domination in the world middle and long distance running as well as its tourism sites. Kenya has been branded as the tourism destination of east Africa and you have to be there to feel the true spirit of the people of Kenya and the sights sounds and climate of Kenya. This east African country got its independence from Britain in 1963 and has then seen three successive governments under the rule of Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and the current Mwai Kibaki. Mwai kibaki is slated to leave the presidency when his second term expires in 2012. Kenya has enjoyed peace and relative stability since independence and still continues doing so. As the numbers of tourists increase, the numbers of Kenyan people visiting their own country has also increased in the last few years. Some of the things you have to do in Kenya include going on a safari.

The Kenya wildlife service has managed to guard the natural habitats of its wild animals in the national parks and reserves in Kenya. Some of the national parks and game reserves you have to visit in Kenya include Lake Nakuru national park, Amboseli national park, Mount Kenya national park and the world famous Maasai Mara game reserve. It is called Maasai Mara game reserve for its small population of the indigenous Maasai people who live side by side with the wild animals of the Mara. Lake Nakuru national park is home to Lake Nakuru, a rift valley salty lake that hosts hundreds of thousands of pink flamingoes. You will not miss the wildebeest migration in the Mara if you visit within the months of December and January. The survival of the fittest is the rule in the wild and you will not miss to see the bog cats hunting for all kinds of prey.

The number of people visiting the Kenyan coast has also increased, thanks to the weather and the culture of the Swahili people in the coastal region of Kenya. You can enjoy the culture of the mijikenda, which in Swahili translates to "nine tribes". The mijikenda are a mix of nine indigenous coastal tribes which have also kept their cultures amidst the changes in the rest of the world. Most people are Muslim and most speak Swahili. You may want to learn some Swahili words so that you are not in the dark. Swahili words like "hujambo" are used to convey greetings and it is answered by "sijambo". "Mzee" is a respectable term used to refer to an old man and "mama" refers to a married woman. Swahili words are pronounced just as they are, there are no silent syllables. In Mombasa you can visit fort Jesus, which was used by the Portuguese who had conquered the Kenyan coast. The sandy beaches of Malindi are attractive to anyone who wants some tranquility.

If you are in for an adventure, you want to visit some of the maasai and turkana of northern Kenya who live in tribal villages. Some of the tribal villages are scattered all over Kenya, with some at the coast. Most of these people are struggling to maintain their culture and prevent them from extinction in the face of civilization. You can stay and interact with them and appreciate their cultures that give them a sense of identity. You may stumble upon Maasai initiation rituals, which are interesting. The weather in northern Kenya can be pretty harsh, so be prepared if you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.

After visiting all the places in Kenya, you may want to have some feel of the capital, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of east Africa. It is a melting pot of cultures and peoples of all places in Kenya and the larger east Africa. There is a huge population of people in Nairobi. This city, which is named in Maasai "a place of cool waters" has an interesting nightlife and with the many night clubs and entertainment spots, there is a lot of activity you can indulge in. you can listen to live bands or get a feel of the culture of the people of Kenya by attending some of the cultural nights in town.

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