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Article Summary: "Everyone talks about personality. But no one knows what is personality..."

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The term personality is derived from the Latin word persona.The personality is something unique and specific. No one in this world has same personality. It reflects everything about a person. Every personality is the product of heredity and environment. Character and the personality cannot be equated.Character is an ethical concept. It shows moral aspects about a person. The theories relating to Personality are:

A) Theories adopting type approach
The concepts of Sheldon, Kretschmer, Hippocrates and Jung are examples.

B) Theories adopting trait approach
Theories such as Allport's theory and Cattell's theory belong to this category.

C) Theories adopting type cum trait approach
Theories like Eysenck's theory of personality can be considered.

D) Theories adopting developmental approach
Theories include psycho-analytic theory of Freud, theory of individual psychology by Adler. Carl Roger's Self theory and learning theories of personality.
"Personality is that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation."(Cattell, 1970).Focusing upon the behaviour , we cannot not predict the personality.

So,when we define personality about a person, we should know about some basic aspects of personality, what is personality, what are its essential components etc. Just saying, "he is a good personality", "he is a bad personality" will not consider character formation of that individual.

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